Caught in the act: ADP Security officer saves client thousands of pounds worth of potential losses

ADP has stopped two criminals in their tracks and saved Adams Morey, the local DAF Truck dealer, thousands of pounds worth of potential losses.

A security officer in ADP Security Systems’ remote control centre in Petersfield was watching the CCTV for client, Adams Morey Ltd in Basingstoke on the night of Sunday, 19thOctober. Suddenly, at 2.27am, he saw two males coming through the fencing of the site. It looked to him as though they were about to try and syphon off some fuel from the vehicles. The security officer used a tannoy on the CCTV system to issue a warning, which was ignored at first but, on being repeated, the intruders left the site. The security officer then called the Police, as is ADP’s company policy.

Twenty minutes later and the men returned, having attempted to smash one camera, but when the warning was repeated one of them left the site, possibly to act as a look-out. The Police arrived and the men fled. The ADP security officer then was able to use the tannoy again to talk to Police and direct them to the offenders, who were chased and detained.

Mike Fennell, managing director of Adams Morey Ltd, sent a personal thank you to ADP Security Systems: “This really proves to me that using your company, which are based locally, was definitely the right choice for our security across the Adams Morey group. I personally thank you for what you do and well done on this issue at Basingstoke. A great result.”

The premises of Adams Morey Ltd are secured day and night, using a combination of security officers and modern, remote CCTV and alarm monitoring, as part of a complete security solution.

David Preston, director of ADP Security Systems said: “Our client has complete peace of mind in the knowledge that their sites are secured with one modern, integrated system. We also offer Remote Guarding Response which means that our security officers can be on site within minutes of an alert to provide a human presence if needed.”