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Access Control Systems.


Access control systems provide the perfect solution for organisations who need to control who accesses which parts of their premises.  The two things that you and our existing clients have in common are a) a site with many different staff, visitors, guests, patients or contractors, and b) the need to secure its gates and/or access doors with a door entry system.

Our Service Area

Our expanding list of access control system customers includes; schools, colleges, hospitals, clinics, offices, laboratories and manufacturing sites across Hampshire, Surrey, and Sussex.   We serve clients in Southampton, Fareham, Portsmouth, Brighton, Petersfield, Guildford, Basingstoke, Reading and South London.

ADP Security’s Range of Access Control Systems Protect

  • people
  • personal possessions
  • equipment
  • stock
  • sensitive information.

Why Choose ADP to Provide Your Access Control Solution ?

ADP Security has many years of experience with installing controlled access systems to suit the appropriate level of access control required while still providing ease of use by those involved.  We are certified by SSAIB, the leading certification body for security system providers.

Our access control systems can be easily networked with software applications, allowing your staff to produce useful reports instantly. These can provide vital information in the case of emergencies such as roll call, who left the building, at what time and whether they re-entered again.

Access control systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated and choosing the best system can be a real headache. Why not let one of our access control experts advise you on your options including.

  • RFID access control systems
  • Biometric door entry systems
  • Keypad access control
  • Swipe or contactless card entry systems
  • Badge entry systems
  • Access logging systems
  • Facial recognition systems


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Access Control Systems for Educational Establishments

Schools, colleges, and universities, for example, have to provide a certain amount of flexibility but also control on who may enter their premises and at what times, while still providing a relaxing environment for their students.

Access Control Systems for Health Providers

Hospitals and clinics need to maintain free entry to the public while providing high security in parts of their premises by restricting access to vulnerable patients, drug storage areas, patient records, staff offices and common rooms.

Access Control Systems for Offices

Sadly, theft from unprotected offices is on the rise. Our sophisticated access control systems prevent visitors or opportunist criminals from accessing offices and other private areas, keeping both your people and their possessions safe and secure.


Call us now on 01730 261510 or click here to request a call back.

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