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Gates & Gate Automation.


Electric Driveway and Entrance Gates

Whether you have already made the decision to fit electric driveway gates or are just exploring the possibilities, you’ll want to talk to Petersfield based ADP Security Systems Ltd.

  • Residential properties
  • Gated communities
  • Commercial premises



Because we are fast becoming the number one installer of Electric entrance gates across the Southeast of England thanks to our outstanding expertise, superb value for money and jaw-dropping customer service.  ADP Security Systems supply, install and maintain an unrivalled range of automatic or manually activated electric entrance gates across Hampshire, Dorset, Surrey and West Sussex. Our clients range from individual home owners to builders and developers.

Sliding or Swinging Driveway Gates

Choosing the right type of gate for your situation can be a little daunting, but our experiences surveyors have an extensive knowledge of most styles and gate hanging options. We can advise you on make life easier for you. Swing gates are quieter and require less maintenance due to their simpler mechanism and therefore usually require less maintenance. Sliding gates are often preferable where space is limited, or your driveway has a steel slop leading up to the entrance.

Electric, Automatic or Manually Operated Driveway Gates

As well as traditional manually operated swing gates we can supply gate automation solutions from the best manufacturers around including AES, BFT, CAME, DEA, Ditech, FAAC, NICE, Telecoma, Teleguard and Videx.

Wooden Driveway Gates

When you are trying to make a statement, there’s simply nothing better than our wonderful wooden driveway gates. We offer a range of styles, woods (hard and soft) and finishes to suit all your property and your preference. Our wooden gates can be manually operated or electrically operated.


Wooden gate styles include:

  • Open Wooden Gates including farm style five bar gates
  • Solid wooden gates offer maximum privacy
  • Mixed Style Wooden Gates offer the best of both worlds

For help and advice about driveways, lighting and gates

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Metal Electric Gates

Prefer something a little more contemporary? Our metal driveway gates offer the ideal entrance control solution and can be supplied with remote, keypad, intercom or automatic activation. They are fully galvanised for longevity and come in an attractive range of styles and finishes to suit most tastes and budgets. We also supply aluminium gates in a wide range of styles and finishes ranging from contemporary to classic. These gates look as stylish as wood or iron but are offer a longer lasting, lower maintenance option as aluminium does not rot, rust or decay like most traditional driveway gate materials.

Commercial Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are perfect for most larger commercial applications and security and will inevitably be manufactured from steel for strength, security and stability for the larger sizes required.

A most common commercial sliding gate system is often a palisade design which will blend in with the surrounding perimeter fencing used.

A sliding gate in theory can be as wide as required as the basic systems use a slightly raised floor runner and rolling wheel mechanism, so the gate is supported entirely along its length as much as required based on the width and weight. The weight and stresses are spread out along the track and a sliding gate can be fairly effortless to move whatever the size, there is no deflection in the horizontal structures.

Because a sliding gate moves so easily the electric motor drives used do not need to be overly bulky or powerful and in most cases there will only need to be one motor, saving money and maintenance costs in the future. indeed the simple rack and pinion system used by an electric sliding gate is very low maintenance indeed.

Drive Way Lighting

Enhance the look of your driveway and improve it’s safety with our stunning range of low energy LED driveway lighting options from top manufacturers. Choose from a large selection of drive over ground lights and stylish bollard lights,  plus modern recessed wall lights.

Drive Way Design

New driveway or looking to redesign an existing driveway?  We can help with that too!
Everything from traditional tarmac to patterned pavoirs – the options are endless, and the effects are stunning. We’ll create a practical hard wearing driveway surface that looks good for years, adding both style and value to your property. We can build in appropriate lighting and entrance control measures to ensure your privacy and safety.

For help and advice about driveways, lighting and gates

Call ADP now on 01730 261510 or click here to request a call back.

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