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What happens when the intruder alarm goes off at 3 o’clock in the morning ?

If you have been lucky, then you may never have had to answer this question yet.  The answer, of course, depends on a number of factors such as:

  •  If it is a domestic property, would you expect a neighbour or family member to get out of bed in the middle of the night and drive to your property to see what has happened?
  • If it is commercial premises, have you stopped to consider the risks associated with having your own employees responding to alarm activations?  Who wants the responsibility (and liability) related to sending their employee into a potentially hazardous situation?

When a security company like ADP acts as a key-holder on your behalf, your staff or neighbour can relax, safe in the knowledge that they will not have to attend the premises in the event of an incident. We are certified by SSAIB and SIA, the leading certification bodies for the security sector.

Our Keyholder & Alarm Response Service

We install, and maintain wired and wireless intruder alarms in Southampton, Winchester, Basingstoke, Reading, Fareham, Portsmouth, Chichester, Worthing, and Brighton.
Our key-holder/alarm response service is activated when the alarm monitoring company notifies ADP Security of an alarm activation we send a fully trained security officer to investigate.


How Does it Work

When the Security Officer arrives on site, they will carry out a full external patrol of the property to determine if there are any signs of a break in, checking all doors and windows to ensure the building is secure before following our strict keyholding protocol to gain access to the building, integrating the intruder alarm system and resetting the alarm once the cause of the activation has been identified. Depending on the activation, the building owner will either be contacted or a report will be sent to explain the actions we have taken.

Our Security Officer will never leave a building unsecure and we can assist with boarding up windows and doors if required.

We can also deal with emergency incidents such as broken windows and burst pipes.


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Mobile Security Patrols

Our mobile security patrol officers are very effective. In the past, they have caught intruders and handed the individuals straight to the Police. They also act as a powerful intruder deterrent, preventing break-ins and burglaries.

ADP Security’s Mobile Security Patrols Are…

  • Reliable, providing an effective deterrent that gives you peace of mind when you are absent.
  • Ideal for remote industrial sites, high value properties, educational campuses, construction sites and garage forecourts.
  • Affordable

Our fully trained mobile security guards will patrol your site at regular intervals through the day or night. Their first check will ensure that all windows and doors are locked, and no intruders are present. Subsequent checks will ensure there are no disturbances. Our service can include building lock-up and unlock.

Customer sites covered by a mobile patrol will receive branded signage from ADP Security to show that your premises are protected, increasing the deterrent value of our patrol.

Our Mobile Security Patrol Service Area

Since our inception in 1996, we have grown our fleet of branded vehicles to undertake mobile security patrols for clients like you across the South of England. Our coverage area currently includes; Southampton, Fareham, Portsmouth, Brighton, Petersfield, Guildford, Basingstoke, and Reading.

Security Patrol Real Time Tracking

Our security guards are as important to us as the staff and property of clients like you.  We have installed a state of the art tracking system that enables us to monitor our Security Officers while they are patrolling your site. We also send more than one Security Officer together to an alert if needed, and patrol details are always available for our clients.

Void Property Inspections

Whether you are a property owner, a landlord who is between tenants or a site manager, vacant property inspections services can provide a significant cost saving in identifying potentially critical issues.

Evaluating the presence of a hazard before it escalates into a bigger problem is particularly important in properties pending a new tenancy, where risks of fire or leaks are elevated or when the void period is likely to be extended.

Property reporting processes ensure that landlords, owners and site managers have continuous oversight of the condition of the building and can take pre-emptive action to mitigate threats to the integrity of the building.

Longer void periods also present a higher risk since any damage or deterioration can make a property considerably more exposed to criminal activity such as vandalism, theft, squatters and unwelcome tenants.

In any of these scenarios, investing in regular void inspection services by a trained security officer can help assess possible problems, recommend corrective action and preserve the property’s value.

Vacant property checks usually include:

  • Exterior checks: Inspecting exterior of property to check on building security integrity, attempted intrusions, build-up of rubbish, land and garden maintenance, and any potential hazards to the public.
  • Utility checks: Gas, Water and Electric meter readings will be recorded along with photographic evidence on each visit.
  • Interior checks: Inspecting interior of premises for evidence of intruders and any essential maintenance required to prevent damage to the property i.e. wind & water tight, no leaks or infestation.
  • Your property inspector will keep a permanent record: A log of every property risk inspection to be maintained.


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