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Remote Monitoring.

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Did you know that almost one third of all alarm activations go unnoticed, costing home and business owners in the UK millions of pounds every year.

24/7 Alarm and CCTV Monitoring 365 days a year

Our remote alarm and CCTV monitoring centre provides an affordable solution that gives you, your family and your staff the complete peace of mind that only comes from knowing that your alarm and/or CCTV system is constantly being monitored.  You can rely on ADP Security’s fully trained monitoring team to watch your system and respond immediately, whether it’s a false alarm, a fault, or the real thing.

How does CCTV monitoring work

All you need to set up a CCTV monitoring system is an internet connection and either motion detectors installed onto the system or analytic capable cameras. This can be combined with a speak to site system, allowing the CCTV operator to inform any potential intruders that they are being monitored and that the emergency services have been called.

Once motion is detected, the internet connection transmits the footage it picks up from your strategically-placed security cameras to our CCTV control room. It will appear on screens in front of our control room operators, who will be able to check through the various cameras and keep an eye out for any strange activity.

If an intruder is detected, the control room operator can use the speak to site system, if installed, warning the intruder and instructing them to leave the site, and can then monitor the cameras and direct either the emergency services or our security patrol to the intruders last known position or the direction they left in.


Let ADP Security recommend the best combination of security technology and Security Officer response to protect your staff and property 24/7.


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Technology and Guarding Combined

ADP Security’s Petersfield CCTV monitoring and alarm receiving centre was established in 1996 and is regularly updated to stay ahead of the latest technological advances. As an SIA and SSAIB certified CCTV and Alarm Technology supplier and a Mobile Response firm, we are ideally placed to both monitor and respond to your system.

Remote Monitoring With or Without Security Response – Your Choice

When you need a rapid response, choose ADP Security. Our Security Officers patrol the South of England including Southampton, Fareham, Portsmouth, Winchester, Basingstoke, Farnborough, Guildford, Woking and Chichester, taking advantage of main road routes for speed and ease of reaction.   For sites further afield, we offer a stand-alone remote 24/7 service, or we can provide reliable 24/7 monitoring support to your local security guarding provider.

Remote Access for You

As well as remote CCTV security monitoring, we can give you remote access to your CCTV system via the internet. Our clients tell us that this CCTV remote access facility gives them additional peace of mind when they are off site or are responsible for multiple geographical locations.

Intruder Alarm Monitoring

Intruder alarm monitoring allows for no intruder alarm activations to go unnoticed. It consists of an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) connecting to a site’s security system and monitoring it 24/7 for any alarm activations. If an alarm is triggered, the monitoring centre will be notified and will carry out the appropriate response to the situation, such as confirming whether or not it is a false alarm and/or contacting the emergency services, police, security company or keyholder.


How does intruder alarm monitoring work?

Intruder alarm monitoring works by connecting to an alarm receiving centre (ARC). An ARC is connected to a site’s intruder alarm system via a landline, broadband or cellular network, such as 4G. Through this connection, signals from the intruder alarm system are sent to the ARC and central monitoring centre, notifying the team when an alarm has been activated.

When an intruder alarm is triggered, it fires a signal to the ARC. Once the signal and notification are received, the highly-trained monitoring operatives will quickly and effectively analyse the situation. When the alarm is triggered during the site’s working hours the monitoring operatives will confirm whether the alarm is false or not. This is to prevent a response for a false alarm, which is not only a waste of time for the site but also wastes the valuable time of the response services. When an alarm is activated out of working hours, the monitoring operatives will assume the alarm to be true and will move on to choosing the most appropriate response to safeguard the site.

There are numerous response options, all of which can be bespoke to the specific site. However, the main options include a visit from the security alarm response team, or a police response, as well as contacting the site’s keyholder.

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