Proof that our security officers are the best!

Our congratulations and huge thanks go to Chrissy Willcox who has won “Best Newcomer” in the South East regional heats of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) Security Officer of the Year Awards 2009. The awards aim to encourage new entrants to the security industry and highlight the long-term career prospects. This particular award honours the new security officer who has shown outstanding promise. Chrissy came to ADP with no experience of security work, but was keen to build a new career in the security industry. She was a perfect candidate to work on the Tunsgate Square Shopping Centre site in Guildford as she has a retail catering background. This gave her an insight into issues faced by the shopping centre’s tenants and an understanding of the sort of responsibility that she would need to take. Chrissy shares the role of “Assistant Centre Manager” with colleague Kerry Clare, managing the facilities and security when Centre Manager, Nicola Mendelssohn is away; and supporting her when she is on duty. One reason that we employed Chrissy is that she sees this job as a step into a future career, rather than as a “stop-gap” job. We are particularly grateful to her for the significant effort she has put into learning about the job and providing an excellent service to the client. Chrissy’s bubbly personality and her willingness to go the extra mile makes her a winner with the retail tenants as well as the Centre Manager, and external contractors. If an issue arises which requires the maintenance company they are brought in quickly and the whole job is handled smoothly. At the same time, Chrissy is not afraid of getting her hands dirty, as demonstrated when the toilets became blocked and Kerry and Chrissy had to “deal with the problem”, getting up to their knees in something undesirable……quite beyond the normal call of duty! Our client, Nicola Mendelssohn, said: “Chrissy has only been with us for about 9 months but we hope she will stay with us for a very long time to come.”