Golf Club invests in new CCTV security system

A new remote CCTV monitoring and security response system has been installed at Worldham Golf Club near Alton, following a number of break-ins and vandalism over recent years. The new system will provide both CCTV monitoring and a security officer response if needed.

The fully networked system will protect the interior and exterior of the Golf Club including the most valuable areas such as the golf-buggy compound, Pro shop and club house. Local security provider, ADP Security Systems Ltd has designed and installed a multi-camera system that will be remotely monitored at its CCTV control room situated some miles away in Petersfield.  The system is also fully supported with a rapid incident response service, where a guard can be dispatched within minutes to the site.

Previously, the Golf Club had an intruder alarm in place but no other form of security. The manager, Ian Yates, said: “The new CCTV system is very good and very simple to use. I can bring up the system on my computer and watch the live pictures or review previous events by selecting the appropriate date and time. The cameras are also monitored by ADP and we have a speaker system fitted, which enables the controller to speak directly to the intruder, thus scaring him off before he has chance to do anything.

“Our club members benefit because they know that the savings we make on not having to replace items such as computers, windows, safes, money and batteries, all of which have been stolen over the last six years, can now be invested into the golf course and clubhouse facilities,” said Mr Yates.

The CCTV system comprises a mix of Pan-Tilt-Zoom and static cameras, networked over Internet Protocol (IP) to the ADP CCTV Monitoring Centre. Approved Golf Club personnel have access to the images via the internal IT system as well as remote access from off-site locations. Images are regularly reviewed by ADP for quality purposes, and can be shared with the Police if required.

Keirn Bush, business manager for ADP Security Systems stated: “In these difficult economic times we find that more of our clients are opting for a cost-effective security solution, and a monitored CCTV system certainly fits the bill. A well designed system can give the benefits of a guard on site at a fraction of the cost.”