CCTV workshops open in Hampshire

ADP Security Systems Ltd has announced a new series of workshops aimed at helping local businesses understand their responsibilities when it comes to CCTV usage.

The workshops, entitled: “CCTV and the Data Protection Act” are on offer to businesses to enable workers to understand compliance issues.

Organisations who process and collect CCTV images as part of their security systems are required to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office but many businesses are often confused about how to comply with the Act’s regulations and its Code of Practice. This workshop will clarify what you have to do and do not have to do with recorded images, the importance of an audit trail and legal requirements you must adhere to.

Workshops will be held in Petersfieldon 14th October, 9.30-12.30am and on 18th November 2014, at a cost of £50+VAT per person, including refreshments and supporting materials. Places will be limited to maintain the practical and interactive nature of the workshop.

For interested companies in other parts of the south-east, ADP Security Systems will be happy to run the workshop on your own premises if you have a number of colleagues who would benefit from the training.

For information, telephone 01730 261510 or email [email protected].